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How do X-Rays Work?

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Chances are you've had an X-ray at some point in your life, but did you know this life-saving technology was actually invented by accident? German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the technology while he was doing experiments with electron beams and gas discharge tubes – you know, like everyone does...

When performing these tests, he noticed that a fluorescent screen in his lab started to glow green while the electron beams were running. This wasn't surprising in its own right, but Roentgen's screen was shielded by heavy cardboard which he thought would block the radiation.

The interesting part of this discovery was that the initial aspect of Roentgen's discovery was simply the existence of some kind of penetrating radiation, but in trying to figure out what was happening, he actually put his hand in between the screen and the electron beam. This created an image of the bones inside of his hand on the screen, revealing X-ray's perfect use immediately after their discovery.

This double discovery marked arguably one of the most important medical advances in all of human history. It gave professionals the ability to see ailments inside the human body without invasive surgery. It even allowed them to see soft tissues with slight modification.

No one questions that X-rays are important to modern medicine, but most people don't have a great idea of what is actually happening when you get one. Let's figure that out...

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t_skp20 : Great video! But there is to mention that the contrast fluid "omniscan" that is shown here is a gadolinium-based contrast agend, which has nothing to do with x ray exams but instead with mri exams. Also, you showed a lot of mri images, which is kind of misleading since there are no x rays used in mri scans. There is already a lot of confusion when it comes to the difference between x ray and mri, so i'd love to see more people getting this right in these kinds of viedos instead of causing more confusion. It's still a nice video though! :)
Cause&Effect : A doctor told me excessive X-rays can also result in bone deterioration, especially if you already have thin or fragile bones.
Samuel Reque Gallego : Amazing as always! Just one question, you mentioned the electrons jumping from the cathode to the anode through the air. However you also said this happened in a vacuum. Is it not a true vacuum or otherwise how do the electrons jump from one electrode to the other?
SMR18 : Thank you so much. It was really helpful. You're doing a great job
TAHMINA CHOWDHURY : this is an amazing video.. for us students. whoever made this..a trillion thanks from me and all of Bangladesh.

How X-rays see through your skin - Ge Wang

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-x-rays-see-through-your-skin-ge-wang

Originally discovered by accident, X-rays are now used about 100 million times a year in clinics around the world. How do these magic eyes work? Ge Wang details the history and mechanics of the X-ray machine and CT scanners.

Lesson by Ge Wang, animation by Pink Kong Studios.
Reginald Finley : So when Superman is scanning people using his x-ray vision, he's creating mutations in people. Way to go Superman. :-)
MGF100 : That dude deserves a cookie
Hriday Mehta : I love how back in the day people could make groundbreaking nobel prizeworthy discoveries just by carrying out everyday chores . Good times
joseph jackson : It's amazing and scary how inventions and discoveries like x-rays happened by accident
F M : This is the best video I have seen, so clear in the explanation. Please do more

X Ray Production Animation

How are X-rays produced? This animation shows the function of the components of a modern X-ray tube.
• Cathode Filament
• Anode / Target
• High Voltage Supply
• Vacuum Chamber
• Lead Shielding
• Aluminium Filter

There is a free quiz to take on the content covered in this animation. A link to it is shown toward the end of the video (6:35 to be precise). A great way to check you've grasped the main points. Need to go deeper? Buy the textbook - now available on iBooks and Google Play at a great introductory price - find out more: https://physicshq.wixsite.com/alevelphysicshq/textbooks/physics-notes-medical-physics

X-ray production is a key concept in radiography, radiology, medical physics and is very helpful in medicine in general.

Relevant concepts: x-rays, x-ray photons, braking radiation, thermionic emission, x-ray spectra, x-ray production, megavoltage rays, medical physics, ionising radiation, and radiation shielding.
A Level Physics HQ : You can now take a free quiz on the content of this video, the link to the quiz is shown toward the end of the quiz (6:35).
USAFMike : Love how clean and fluid the animations were, very well put together. Thanks!
Ariana Araujo : Great video!! The animations are so beautiful! Makes it much easier to understand x-ray production, thank you so much :D
www.DrumsTheWord.com : Very cool! Thanks!
B Calkin : I'm a former Xray repair technician and am currently a high school engineering teacher. This is a terrific video and I'm going to use it in my class.
Are you able to make a similar video on voltage, current, resistance and Ohm's Law?




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